Sheeps Milk Soap

Diversification and an entrepreneurial spirit led Caroline Scott, the name behind ‘NEW EWE’, to discover some amazing facts about the health benefits of sheep’s milk for our skin and well-being.


With a passion for sheep that developed over the years rearing lambs and other livestock, Caroline enjoyed working with wool from her sheep and even turned her hand to cheese making when she was asked to join a local enterprise.


Long hours ensued in the dairy with hands repeatedly in and out of milk and washing up water with evenings taken up helping on the farm, often in bitter weather conditions.


Surprised that her hands were never in need of special rescue remedies she began to consider more closely what restorative effect the milk she was handling every day might have.


Research revealed that milk, reputedly used by Cleopatra, has in fact been a beauty product for thousands of years, revered for its revitalizing and soothing qualities.


Comparing the properties of the different milks available at the farm, it was the ewe’s milk that came out on top for Caroline; naturally homogenized, rich in butter fat and proteins with almost double the amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in other milks.


Not one to be sheepish and sometimes with a surplus of ewe’s milk, Caroline took the opportunity to team up with experienced soap makers in the UK to create an exciting new range of high quality farmhouse soaps that help maintain a healthy balance to skin from the outside in.


Working with sheep and handling fleeces, it would also be difficult not to notice the wonderful feel and effect of Lanolin on your hands.  In nature Lanolin is used to protect wool and skin against the ravages of harsh conditions, whilst playing an invaluable role in skin hygiene too.


To complement her ‘NEW EWE’ hand soaps, Caroline utilized this perfect ingredient Lanolin, adding enhanced nourishment and extra protection to further products designed for busy, working, all weather hands. Team ‘NEW EWE’ naturally fragranced soaps with restorative hand lotions in a handy pump-action bottle or a fragrance free lanolin rich hand cream.


Ethically produced from 100% natural ingredients with fragrances to suit both him and her, ‘NEW EWE’ products have been designed, with the ‘NEW YOU’ in mind - caring and nurturing healthy skin for you and your family.


  There’s no finer feeling....